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At Fund Canopy, we work to help individuals and businesses to make their dreams come true.  Get your idea funded and fund others through our site.  Funding through our company is safe and secure and is sure to reach the masses.  Take a few minutes to build your campaign or to review campaigns at the site.  Enter the project information, reasons why you are passionate about your idea, funding options, goals, deadlines, etc.  Then simply enter your PayPal information and know that the proceeds from your successful campaign will be securely deposited into your account.  Our company will never control your funds, we simply facilitate the entire process.

Contact us if you have questions.  After your proposal is submitted, someone from our DreamFunding® team will contact you to ask for additional questions, to help to “shine up” your proposal, and to get going on your campaign!  Best of luck to you!



Our mission at FundCanopy is to match those that are looking to get a business venture funded with other individuals that are looking to get behind these amazing and powerful campaigns.  Our goal is to offer this type of service at an expense ratio that is lower than other companies that offer a similar service.


To be one of the leaders in the Crowdfunding marketplace.

Our Approach

By embracing technology, social media platforms, local advertising, and search engine submissions, we can help to get the word out to bring in the funding that is needed to get business ideas that can change the world off of the ground.

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